The Start

The new year is here and I have a resolution to lose weight, like the other millions of people in the world. I am just starting now because all the college bowl games are over which means I can now focus on this resolution. I don’t want to be like the other 91% of Americans that break their New Year’s Resolution within the first 17 days.

When you really think about it though a resolution to lose weight is probably the easiest resolution to keep for an entire year. The only real way to break it is if you weigh more than you did the prior year. If you lose 1 pound or a half of a pound in 1 year guess what you kept your New Year’s Resolution. Obviously only losing that little is not really what most people have in mind and most would consider failure, but technically it is not failure. Making this resolution is a lot better than making a resolution to lose 50lbs or 100lbs in a year. Making a resolution like this is setting yourself up for failure.

I will admit that if I lost only a pound this year I would consider it a failure. My time frame for weight loss currently is not a year, but July 7th, 2007 which is 177 days away. This is the day I will be getting married. This is the first time I think I have had real motivation to actually get in shape. This wedding will be taking place on the beach in Destin, FL. Having a beach wedding only requires me to have even more motivation to get in shape and lose weight.

The first picture I will post of myself will be from the wedding day, success or failure. It will be success though, the time is now for this weight loss to happen.

If you have your own goal for the year or need motivation join me in this journey. It will not be easy, it never is. Send me a comment, a link to your blog or anything. The more people involved, the more support for everyone.

Here is to a new day and a new life! It starts today!


2 responses to “The Start

  1. Good luck with your weight loss and your wedding. I have been successfully married for 21 years – now if I can only have half that much success with my weight loss…

  2. Good trick by putting the ‘To Gym’ photo, will remind you to go to the gym…

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